What are Yurts?

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Originating from Mongolian nomads, Yurts are lightly colored and circular in shape and designed to maximize both light and heat energy efficiently. Our Yurts are designed to allow our guests to enjoy listening to the wind and rain, birds singing in the surrounding forest all with one of the most impressive views on the planet.

Patagonia Camp have adapted Yurts for the Patagonian landscape and added in the comforts of a conventional hotel room: Central Heating, Ensuite Bathrooms, Amenities and a comfortable interior décor with handmade furniture and textiles. All Yurts have a circular dome in the center of the tent which was originally used by Mongolian nomads as a chimney where you can enjoy sleeping under the stars of Patagonia all from the comfort and warmth of your Yurt.

20 yurts are connected by wooden walkways that weave through native Patagonian Coigue, Lenga and Notros forests that surround our site. All of our yurts feature impressive views of Lake Toro and the famous Cuernos del Paine.

What are you waiting for to book an unforgettable experience in a yurt in the Torres del Paine National Park?


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